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€½…nà„yچےƒDµy4ئَBؤ’ ’*جٌh<^ب7ه]N؛ > ہ<³ِ>}قڑ[RS>ٌْ­‌y~R>ôï^O@ˆإ¼ف.فü‌وضDùلïخ;ِo—nlqyexD©­»دكrِ”\çوص—فyِ‎ïi¹ِ`ےٍژïôف¸¬qu]ًك×ك¶èژ_<، E‏„طn

One translation of the Arabic term €½…nà„yچےƒDµy4ئَBؤ’ ’*جٌh<^ب7ه]N؛ in English is ہ<³ِ>}قڑ[RS>ٌْ­‌y~R>ôï^O@ˆإ¼ف.فü‌وضDùلïخ;ِo—nlqyexD©­»دكrِ”\çوص—فyِ‎ïi¹ِ`ےٍژïôف¸¬qu]ًك×ك¶èژ_<، E‏„طn.

Glossary name: Legal

Source: user glossaries » Deena Moghrabi » Legal

Field: Law, patents


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