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ΑΣ10 (αιωρούμενα σωματίδια) > PM10 (particulate matter in the air)

One translation of the Greek term ΑΣ10 (αιωρούμενα σωματίδια) in English is PM10 (particulate matter in the air).

Glossary name: Greek abbreviations

Source: user glossaries » Dylan Edwards » Greek abbreviations

Field: Environment

The PM10 fraction comprises both coarse particles (PM10-2.5) and fine particles (PM2.5), while fine particles (PM2.5) include the ultrafine particles (PM0.1).
Hence, because PM10 comprises PM2.5 which comprises PM0.1, these three fractions should never be added together. For example, PM10 should never be added to PM2.5.

Dylan Edwards
United Kingdom

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