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Language pair Glossary Entries Who
German to English Geology DE>EN 6722
Czech to German
German to Czech
Glossary - EU - CS-DE 6646
English to Korean
Korean to English
Psychology 6640
English to Arabic SW 6639
Portuguese to German
Portuguese to English
Tools/Equipment 6585
English to Croatian EU terminology 6578
English to Spanish AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management 6523
English to Spanish GLOSARIO MEDICINA 6515
English to Spanish Economics Glossary 6508
English to Spanish English to Spanish - Europe 6501
Japanese to English Japanese Drug Names 6465
English to Korean
Korean to English
Physics 6441
Serbian to English
English to Croatian
EU Glossary 6429
English to Sinhala (Sinhalese) Management 6352
English to Arabic glossary 6348
English to Spanish Glosario1 6279
German to English
english 6273
English to Norwegian HETRA Eng-Nor 6225
English to Arabic Caterpillar Master Glossary 6207
English to German ECN 6206
English to Arabic Legal 5993
German to Turkish DE -> TR 5936
English to Russian Aviation EN-RU 5929
English to Belarusian
English to Czech
English to Chinese
Evelyn's glossary 5886
English to Portuguese Geral_EN-PT 5869
English to Japanese
English to Thai
Japanese to English
Japanese to Thai
Thai to Japanese
Automotive device 5863
English to French HETRA Eng-Fre 5820
Croatian to English public procurement glossary 5783
Chinese to English news word 5740
English to French SAP 5700
English to Spanish
Spanish to English
misc2 5675
Dutch to French
English to French
English to Polish
Spanish to English
French to English
Italian to French
Drmanu49 glossary 5671
Spanish to English General 5662
English to Serbian partial glossary 5635
English to Spanish Economía y Finanzas 5626
English to Korean
Korean to English
IT 5598
German to Spanish Informática usuario final 5562
English to Arabic Microsoft Universal Terminology 5533
English to Slovenian
Slovenian to English
english slovenian general 5400
English to Spanish
Spanish to English
Business 5356
Spanish to English Negocios 5356
English to German EN-DE Dictionary of materials testing and materials science 5247
German to English
Dutch to French
English to French
Spanish to French
French to English
Latin to French
EN-FR 5230
Russian to English 1C 5208
English to Chinese Machinery-Infrastructure 5204
Danish to English
German to Portuguese
English to Spanish
English to French
English to Italian
English to Norwegian
English to Portuguese
Spanish to English
Spanish to Portuguese
French to Portuguese
Italian to Norwegian
Contribution of Salvador Scofano (translations into Portuguese, Norwegian and English) 5186
English to Hungarian eng-hun med 5131
German to English
Dutch to German
English to German
Medical 5105
English to Chinese textile 5000
English to Spanish EN-ES 4819
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