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Kind words from members

Testimonials and success stories from current paying members.

New member comments

New members are given the opportunity to enter a one-line message to the community when they join. Here's what some recent members have written:

" Have used various features,now it's time to join. Looking for more work, too "
SolangeC (United States)
Joined 23 November '16

" "Looking forward to getting to know more of you in 2017" "
Maria Luna (Argentina)
Joined 21 November '16

" Looking forward to starting our translations business Native American and Native Spanish Team "
Brian K. (United States)
Joined 12 November '16

" Looking forward to a fruitful relationship with colleagues and outsourcers with membership. "
prozali (United Kingdom)
Joined 14 November '16

" I am extremely happy to be a full member of "
Omar Abukar (Kenya)
Joined 14 November '16

" I believe in "
Vitor de Araújo (Brazil)
Joined 10 November '16

" I'm really glad to be among such an active community of professionals. "
Medhat Mustafa (Egypt)
Joined 8 November '16

" Looking forward to belonging to a global community of translators and interpreters. "
Alicia Pozo (Spain)
Joined 7 November '16

" Looking to share my translation experience with the community and expand my client base "
Michal Czarniecki (Poland)
Joined 2 November '16

" I realized Proz could help me increase my business activity and expand my client base "
Aviva Shemesh (Israel)
Joined 28 October '16

" Looking forward to working with you, to build relationships and solve problems. "
Kao Thao (United States)
Joined 27 October '16

" I joined ProZ because it is the logical next step to developing my business. "
Nicole König (Germany)
Joined 30 September '16

" Excited to meet more pros on! "
Russell Tanner (United States)
Joined 30 September '16

" Looking forward to a wealth of wisdom and lovely colleagues ;) "
Nicole Hammer (Germany)
Joined 16 September '16

" As a professional translator, Proz is one of my best support! Thank you for this help! "
julien DESROCHE (Italy)
Joined 14 September '16

" I was looking for a best time to join and now it is better and the best. "
Asif Iqbal Khan (India)
Joined 17 August '16

" Well, time to take the plunge and become a PRO member! "
Guillaume Brownlie Pacteau (United Kingdom)
Joined 10 August '16

" Just joined!! I hope to make contacts in French languages "
Isabelle Wagmi Hanham (New Zealand)
Joined 18 July '16

" Been using Proz for years. Figured I should show some support. :) "
Sidney_1 (China)
Joined 29 June '16

" I think this web site is excellent! "
Sheila Silva (Canada)
Joined 19 June '16

" The future is bright with a blue sky "
Aubin TAMAFO (Cameroon)
Joined 10 June '16

" I received a job offer in my first week of joining! "
teasdalelucy (United Kingdom)
Joined 28 March '16

" I am looking foward to meeting more European translators in 2014! "
Alexandra Singer (Italy)
Joined 19 May '14

" I am starting a new chapter in my professional life thanks to! "
Verlow Junior (Brazil)
Joined 9 May '14

" I´m so glad I´ve joined as a full member! Hope to know you better from now on! "
Helena Guimarães (Portugal)
Joined 30 April '14