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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Turkish4-door 4-kapılı Automotive
English to Turkish1-day review bir gunluk gozden gecirme  Automotive
English to Turkish4-door 4-kapili  Automotive
English to Turkish5-door 5-kapili  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C Clutch Air Gap Adjustment A/C Kavramasi Hava Boslugu Ayari  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C collector/dryer Klima kurutucu/filtre  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C compressor Klima kompresoru  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C control assembly Klima kontrol grubu  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C coolant klima sogutucu gazi  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C Cycling Switch A/C Cevrim Anahtari  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C magnetic clutch Klima manyetik kavramasi  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C magnetic switch Klima manyetik anahtari  Automotive
English to TurkishA/C SW Klima dugmesi  Automotive
English to TurkishA/D converter A/D degistirici  Automotive
English to TurkishA/T oil temp. indicator lamp A/T yag sicaklik gosterge isigi  Automotive
English to TurkishAbbreviations Kisaltmalar  Automotive
English to Turkishability beceri  Automotive
English to TurkishAbnormal range Anormal calisma  Automotive
English to TurkishAbout Yaklasik  Automotive
English to TurkishAbout This Manual Bu El kitabi Hakkinda  Automotive
English to Turkishabrasion asindirma  Automotive
English to TurkishAbrasive stone wheel Zimpara tasi  Automotive
English to Turkishabrasive wheels regulations zimpara tasi yonetmeligi  Automotive
English to TurkishAbrasive Wheels Regulations Zimpara tasi yonetmeligi  Automotive
English to TurkishABS ABS  Automotive
English to TurkishABS actuator ABS kumanda grubu  Automotive
English to TurkishABS actuator pump motor ABS kumanda pompa motoru  Automotive
English to TurkishABS caution ABS uyarisi  Automotive
English to TurkishABS control relay ABS kontrol rolesi  Automotive
English to TurkishABS operating signal ABS calisma sinyali  Automotive
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