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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to TurkishAdjusting shim position Ayar simi konumu  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting Sleeve Ayar Kovani  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting sleeve ayarlama mansonu  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting spanner ayar anahtari  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting spare wheel carrier stepne tasiyicinin ayarlanmasi  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting spray position Puskurtme konumunun ayari  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting spring ayar yayi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting striker ayar dayanagi  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting thrust washer position Dayama pulu konumunun ayarlanmasi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting tool ayarlama aleti  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting tube Ayar borusu  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting valve Ayar valfi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting washer ayarlama pulu / ayar pulu  Automotive
English to Turkishadjusting washer kit ayarlama pulu kiti  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting wheel Ayar circiri  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjusting wrench Ayar anahtari  Automotive
English to TurkishAdjustment Ayar  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment device ayar aleti  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment drawing ayarlama resmi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment handle ayarlama kolu  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment key ayarlama anahtari  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment kit ayarlama kiti  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment knob ayar topuzu, ayar dugmesi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment lever ayarlama kolu  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment mechanism ayarlama mekanizmasi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment nut ayarlama somunu  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment ring ayarlama halasi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment screw ayarlama vidasi  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment tool ayarlama aleti  Automotive
English to Turkishadjustment tool bottom ayarlama aleti altligi  Automotive
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