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English to Spanishcull rate tasa de eliminación selectiva Agriculture
English to Spanishafford afrontar  Agriculture
English to Spanishagribusiness industria agropecuaria  Agriculture
English to SpanishAI (Artificial Insemination) IA (Inseminación Artificial)  Agriculture
English to Spanishall-around balance balance completo  Agriculture
English to Spanishangular angulado  Agriculture
English to Spanishbreeders criadores/productores  Agriculture
English to Spanishbreed-leading líder de raza  Agriculture
English to Spanishbusiness partnership asociación comercial  Agriculture
English to Spanishcalve parir  Agriculture
English to SpanishCE (Calving Ease) FP (Facilidad de Parto)  Agriculture
English to Spanishcloning clonación/clonaje  Agriculture
English to Spanishcompetitive edge ventaja competitiva  Agriculture
English to Spanishcull rate tasa de eliminación selectiva  Agriculture
English to Spanishcurved angulada  Agriculture
English to Spanishcutting-edge technology tecnología de última generación/ lo más nuevo/lo más novedoso  Agriculture
English to Spanishdairy farm ganadería lechera/granja lechera  Agriculture
English to Spanishdeep alta  Agriculture
English to Spanishdominant cow family of the decade la dominante familia de vacas de la década  Agriculture
English to Spanishembryo embrión  Agriculture
English to Spanishembryo transfer transferencia de embriones  Agriculture
English to Spanishfacilities instalaciones  Agriculture
English to SpanishFLC (Foot & Leg Composite) CPP (Compuesto de Patas y Pezuñas)  Agriculture
English to Spanishfrail débil  Agriculture
English to Spanishgathering ground el campo de reunión del mundo  Agriculture
English to Spanishgenetic markers marcadores genéticos  Agriculture
English to Spanishglobal sire of champions líder global de campeones  Agriculture
English to Spanishground breaking science ciencia innovadora  Agriculture
English to Spanishheat detection detección de celo  Agriculture
English to Spanishheifer vaquilla  Agriculture
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