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Chinese to English# (符) HASH (symbol) Telecom_1
Chinese to English(ATM信元的)拆/装设备 disassembler/assembler Telecom_1
Chinese to English(A网陀)自动频率微调 automatic frequency fine control Telecom_1
Chinese to English(IBM公司)家用型定时自动开启多媒体电脑 Aptiva Telecom_1
Chinese to English(ISDN) 23B+D接口/基群速率接口 (1544kb/s) 23B+D Telecom_1
Chinese to English(ISDN) 30B+D接口/基群速率接口(2048kb/s) 30B+D Telecom_1
Chinese to English(边界路由器使用的)通向非局域网的路径 back door route Telecom_1
Chinese to English(打印机)印后留空 after space Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电话)叫醒 alarm call Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电话)声震/声冲击 acoustic shock Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电话)用户姓名 address name Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电话机的)字母键盘 alpha keypads Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电话设备上的)声罩 acoustic hood Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电缆)气密接头 air-tight joint Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电离层)D层 D-layer Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电信网)管理功能(如自动计费/打印) administration facilities Telecom_1
Chinese to English(电压)驻波比测试仪 VSWR tester Telecom_1
Chinese to English(光纤) 轴向定位传感器 axial alignment sensor Telecom_1
Chinese to English(光纤)接受锥 acceptance cone Telecom_1
Chinese to English(光纤)原子缺陷吸收性 atomic defect absorption Telecom_1
Chinese to English(贺氏MODEM)AT命令 AT command Telecom_1
Chinese to English(画笔的)喷枪工具 airbrush tool Telecom_1
Chinese to English(继电器的) 静合接点/常接点 back contact Telecom_1
Chinese to English(架空线条的)摆动/摇晃 dancing Telecom_1
Chinese to English(键盘操作) 退格/退位/返回 back-space Telecom_1
Chinese to English(脉冲)前沿 advancing edge Telecom_1
Chinese to English(脉冲的)后延/(脉冲的)下降边 back edge Telecom_1
Chinese to English(美)电信行业执行联盟 Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) Telecom_1
Chinese to English(美)数字式先进 D-AMPS=digitalAMPS Telecom_1
Chinese to English(美国国防部)高级研究计划局(计算机网,现名DARPA) Advanced Research Project Agency Telecom_1
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