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English to Chinese(peony) master credit cards 万事达信用卡(牡丹卡) Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese(peony) visa Bank of China 维萨信用卡(牡丹卡) Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese“I owe you”[缩:IOU, L.O.U.] 欠条,借据 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese“interest make-up”subsidy 利息贴补 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese…deal with be setted on… ……(日期)的交易于……(日期)结算 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese…months after date 发票后……月 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese…months after payment 支付后……月 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinese…months after sight 见票后……月 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea balance at the bank 银行结余 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea balance sheet 资产负债表 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea bouncing sum 巨大的金额 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea breach of contract 违反合同 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to ChineseA class 头等 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea current account 活期存款账户;往来帐户 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea cut above 高于……一等 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea financial statement 财务报表,决算表 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea five-spot 一张伍元券票 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to ChineseA grade 甲级(指货品) Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea grand 一千美元 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea grand total 总计 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea hot stock 热门股 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea letter of advice 通知 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea lump of money 一笔巨款 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea lump sum 总额,整笔付给的款子 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea monetary unit 货币单位 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea par of exchange 汇兑牌价,外汇平价 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea sale for cash 现金交易 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea school of collegiate grade 大专程度的学校 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea statement of assets and liabilities 资产负债表 Finance&Economy_Rye
English to Chinesea two-spot(deuce-spot) 一张贰元券票 Finance&Economy_Rye
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