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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Italian to English112 Carabinieri  Insurance
Italian to English113 Emergency services  Insurance
Italian to Englishabbandono abandonment  Insurance
Italian to Englishabbassamento di suolo landslide  Insurance
Italian to Englishabbatimento abatement  Insurance
Italian to Englishabbuono compensation  Insurance
Italian to Englishabitacolo passenger compartment  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccertamento finding, assessment  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccertamento del danno loss assessment  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccettare accept  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccetazione acceptance  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccetazione di una proposta acceptance (of proposal)  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccetazione in riassicurazione reinsurance accepted  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccezione acceptation  Insurance
Italian to Englishacciaio zincato galvanised steel  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccomodamento amicable settlement  Insurance
Italian to Englishacconto payment of account  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccordo agreement  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccordo rischi guerra war risks agreement  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccordo tariffario tariff agreement  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccordo transattivo compromise and settlement  Insurance
Italian to Englishaccusare arraign  Insurance
Italian to Englishacqua d'acquedotto tap water  Insurance
Italian to Englishacqua di condotta tap water  Insurance
Italian to Englishacqua di fusione melted snow  Insurance
Italian to Englishacquisizione publicity; canvassing  Insurance
Italian to Englishaddebitare to debit  Insurance
Italian to Englishaddestramento training  Insurance
Italian to Englishaddizionale per contratti a breve durata additional premium for short period cover  Insurance
Italian to Englishaddizionale per pagamento rateale additional premium for payment by instalments  Insurance
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