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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to EnglishKopfsatz header WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishTelefonverkehr voice traffic WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englishselbsterstellte Anlagen fixed capital goods produced on own account WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishErwerbsersatzinkommen Income replacement payments WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishStichkanal puncture channel WriteWord's Glossary
Spanish to EnglishCertificado de Cumplimiento Certificate of Compliance WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englishrufender Teilnehmer caller WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englishangerufener Teilnehmer call recipient WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishEndgeräte-Auswahlziffer Local calling number WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishServiceleiter service manager; service head WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishProjektbegleiter project assistant WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishArbeitsinstrument work tool WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishPersönlichkeitsrecht personal rights WriteWord's Glossary
Spanish to Englishinquietudes concerns WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishStrafverfolgungsbehörden law enforcement authorities WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishBeizug (Swiss German) involvement WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishWiderhandlung (Swiss German) contravention, violation WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englishfehlbar (Swiss German) guilty, culpable WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishEinheilung healing WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishPatientengut number of patients; caseload WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishBefestigung luting WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishBefestigungszement luting cement WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englisheine Herausforderung darstellen to pose a challenge WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishKleinleben industrial life insurance WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishPolyalkylenglyoäther polyalkylene glycol ether WriteWord's Glossary
German to Englishhandelsüblich commercial WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishStreuverteilung scatter distribution WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishIndustriekammer Chamber of Industry WriteWord's Glossary
English to Spanishinformed consent consentimiento informado WriteWord's Glossary
German to EnglishLeistungsplatine power board WriteWord's Glossary
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