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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Germanein  General
English to Germanabase erniedrigen  General
English to Germanabased erniedrigte  General
English to Germanabasement Demütigung  General
English to Germanabasements Demütigungen  General
English to Germanabases erniedrigt  General
English to Germanabash beschämen  General
English to Germanabashed beschämte  General
English to Germanabashedly beschämend  General
English to Germanabashes beschämt  General
English to Germanabashing beschämend  General
English to Germanabashment Beschämung  General
English to Germanabashments Beschämungen  General
English to Germanabasing erniedrigend  General
English to Germanabate verringern  General
English to Germanabbreviate abkürzen  General
English to Germanabbreviated kürzte ab  General
English to Germanabbreviates kürzt ab  General
English to Germanabbreviating abkürzend  General
English to Germanabbreviation Abkürzungszeichen  General
English to Germanabbreviations Abkürzungszeichen  General
English to Germanabbreviator Verfertiger  General
English to Germanabbreviators Verfertiger  General
English to Germanabdicable verzichtbar  General
English to Germanabdicate aufgeben  General
English to Germanabdicated legte nieder  General
English to Germanabdicates legt nieder  General
English to Germanabdicating niederlegend  General
English to Germanabdication Abdankung  General
English to Germanabdications Abdankungen  General
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