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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Germanabolitionary abschaffend  General
English to Germanabolitionism Abschaffung  General
English to Germanabolitionisms Abschaffungen  General
English to Germanabolitionist Abolitionist  General
English to Germanabolitionists Abolitionisten  General
English to Germanabolitions Abschaffungen  General
English to Germanabominable abscheulich  General
English to Germanabominably abscheulich  General
English to Germanabominate verabscheuen  General
English to Germanabominated verabscheute  General
English to Germanabominates verabscheut  General
English to Germanabominating verabscheuend  General
English to Germanabomination Abscheulichkeit  General
English to Germanabominations Abscheulichkeiten  General
English to Germanaboriginal eingeboren  General
English to Germanaboriginally eingeboren  General
English to Germanaborigine Ureinwohner  General
English to Germanaborigines Stammvolk  General
English to Germanabort abbrechen  General
English to Germanaborted gebar zu früh  General
English to Germanaborting zu früh gebärend  General
English to Germanabortion Abtreibung  General
English to Germanabortional abtreibend  General
English to Germanabortionist Abtreiber  General
English to Germanabortionists Abtreiber  General
English to Germanabortions Abtreibungen  General
English to Germanabortive vorzeitig  General
English to Germanabortively vorzeitig  General
English to Germanabortiveness Fruchtlosigkeit  General
English to Germanaborts gebärt zu früh  General
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