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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Germanabdicator Abdanker  General
English to Germanabdicators Abdanker  General
English to Germanabduct entführen  General
English to Germanabducted entführte  General
English to Germanabducting entführend  General
English to Germanabduction Entführung  General
English to Germanabductions Entführungen  General
English to Germanabductor Entführer  General
English to Germanabductors Entführer  General
English to Germanabducts entführt  General
English to Germanabeam querab  General
English to Germanabed im Bett  General
English to Germanabend fehlerhaftes Programmende  General
English to Germanaberrance Abweichung  General
English to Germanaberrances Abweichungen  General
English to Germanaberrant Abweichung  General
English to Germanaberration Abweichung  General
English to Germanaberrations Abweichungen  General
English to Germanabet begünstigen  General
English to Germanabetment Beihilfe  General
English to Germanabetments Beihilfen  General
English to Germanabets begünstigt  General
English to Germanabetted begünstigte  General
English to Germanabetter Gehilfe  General
English to Germanabetters Gehilfen  General
English to Germanabetting begünstigend  General
English to Germanabeyance Unentschiedenheit  General
English to Germanabeyances Unentschiedenheiten  General
English to Germanabeyant unentschieden  General
English to Germanabhorred verabscheute  General
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