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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Germanablative Ablativ  General
English to Germanablatives Ablative  General
English to Germanable fähig  General
English to Germanabloom Blüte  General
English to Germanablution Waschung  General
English to Germanablutions Waschungen  General
English to Germanably geschickt  General
English to Germanabnegate ableugnen  General
English to Germanabnegated leugnete ab  General
English to Germanabnegates leugnet ab  General
English to Germanabnegating ableugnend  General
English to Germanabnegation Verleugnung  General
English to Germanabnegations Verleugnungen  General
English to Germanabnegator Versager  General
English to Germanabnegators Versager  General
English to Germanabnormal abnorm  General
English to Germanabnormalities Abweichungen  General
English to Germanabnormality Abweichung  General
English to Germanabnormally abnorm  General
English to Germanaboard im Ausland  General
English to Germanabode Aufenthalt  General
English to Germanabodes Aufenthalte  General
English to Germanabolish abschaffen  General
English to Germanabolishable abschaffbar  General
English to Germanabolished schaffte ab  General
English to Germanabolishes schafft ab  General
English to Germanabolishing abschaffend  General
English to Germanabolishment Abschaffung  General
English to Germanabolishments Abschaffungen  General
English to Germanabolition Abschaffung  General
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