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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Spanishadd añadir Gastronomy
English to SpanishAlecost; costmary Hierba de San Pedro Gastronomy
English to SpanishAllspice Pimienta de Jamaica Gastronomy
English to Spanishalloro alloro Gastronomy
English to SpanishAllspice Pimienta de Jamaica Gastronomy
English to Spanishalmonds almendras Gastronomy
English to Spanishanchovy anchoa Gastronomy
English to SpanishAneto Aneto Gastronomy
English to SpanishAngelic herb Angèlica Gastronomy
English to SpanishAniseed Anís, anisado Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishAcelgas Swiss chards (spinach beets) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishCordero lechal (lechazo) Suckling lamb (baby lamb) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishMenudillos Giblets Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishMero Grouper Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishNécoras Velvet crabs Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishPalmitos Palm hearts Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishPuerros Leeks Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishQueso fresco Fresh cheese Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishQueso rallado Grated cheese Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRape Angler-fish (monkfish) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRaya Skate (ray) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRemolacha Beet (beetroot) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRequesón Cottage cheese Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRiñones Kidneys Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRodaballo Turbot Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRomero Rosemary Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishRuibarbo Rhubarb Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishSalmonete Red mullet Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishSalsa Sauce (gravy, dressing, relish) Gastronomy
Spanish to EnglishSalvia Sage Gastronomy
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