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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Korean to English饉胥   economics
Korean to English     economics
Korean to Englishlitigation 7sŒ T  7*demand trend toward high quality products  7”!0 7ubook-building method economics
Korean to Englishmoistening 7 渲恍x economics
Korean to Englishpar value  7  7Medicaid payment 7tǐ… 7 interest income  7xǼXƌ economics
Korean to English   7eacounts payable of reinsurance  7 ̸  7ereinsurance commission  7 economics
Korean to Englishoutperform 7EPS 7reduce  7buy 7hold 7 casualty  7 economics
Korean to EnglishЮ탤Η눗 좼탤휘( 걋탤 economics
Korean to English셈” 좇 economics
Korean to Englishendowment  7D longevity 7D economics
Korean to English ŴĬ  7commission-based salary system  7uǐ  7a beneficiary  7s economics
Korean to Englishreinsurer 쩜 economics
Korean to English찡솨 찡솜螂멓 economics
Korean to Englishunclaimed  7 endowment 74‘ economics
Korean to Englishannuitant  7 晁 economics
Korean to Englishmonolines  7 縕 economics
Korean to Englishmediation  7p mediator  7 economics
Korean to Englishharvesting 7rœ鵠  7nseverance payment 7,¬ 7t ITC (investment trust companies) 7 , economics
Korean to Englishallocation 7 dismissal 7 economics
Korean to Englishmaster GDR 7IEuroclear system  7mDTC Settlement  7cross-market transfer  7 binomial  773m糧 economics
Korean to Englishtrinomial  7 addition  7 economics
Korean to English  economics
Korean to Englishremainder  7 我m糧 monomial  7 economics
Korean to Englishround off  7섰) equation  7 economics
Korean to Englishfractions  7 quotient  7 economics
Korean to Englisheliminate  7 decimals  7 economics
Korean to Englishexpression 7 rational  7 푼 economics
Korean to Englishexpansion  7,   7fringe benefits 7 7%assessment insurance, assessment plan 7 economics
Korean to English€신 € economics
Korean to Englishcross-sell 7 \ economics
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