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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Japanese to English??? ?-decay  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? ?-particle  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? ?-radioactivity  Optophysics
Japanese to English?? ?-rays  Optophysics
Japanese to English?? A.C.  Optophysics
Japanese to English?? Aberration  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Aberration of light  Optophysics
Japanese to English??????? Abnormal glow discharge  Optophysics
Japanese to English?? Abrasion  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Abrasives  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Abscissa  Optophysics
Japanese to English????? Absolute electrometer  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absolute error  Optophysics
Japanese to English????? Absolute galvanometer  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absolute measurement  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absolute method  Optophysics
Japanese to English????? Absolute refractive index  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absolute temperature  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absolute unit  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absolute zero-point  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absorber  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absorbing power  Optophysics
Japanese to English?? Absorption  Optophysics
Japanese to English???? Absorption coefficient  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absorption edge  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absorption factor  Optophysics
Japanese to English????? Absorption jump  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Absorption limit  Optophysics
Japanese to English??????? Absorption spectrum  Optophysics
Japanese to English??? Abundance  Optophysics
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