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English to Norwegianwishbone gaffelledd, gaffelbom Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianbrake disk bremseskive Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantractive resistance, rolling resistance rullemotstand Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantread design, tread pattern dekkmønster Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantread slitebane Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantube tire slangedekk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantubeless slangeløst dekk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianshoulder dekkskulder Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiansidewall sidevegg, skulder Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianwheel base akselavstand Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianantiroll bar dreiestavsstabilisator Motorvehicle
English to Norwegian(wheel) suspension hjuloppheng Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantire pressure dekktrykk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianoverinflation for høyt dekktrykk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianslick profilløst dekk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianspoiler spoiler Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiandownforce marktrykk Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiangroove (s) rille, spor Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianoversteering tendens til overstyring Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiansupercharging overlading Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianvalve ventil Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianvalve cap ventilhette Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantoe-in hjulspissing Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiantoe-out negativ hjulspissing Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiancarcass stamme Motorvehicle
English to Norwegiancasing ply kordlag Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianhalf-time shaft, side shaft kamaksel Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianradiator drain cock radiatortappekran Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianmanifold manifold, innsugningsrør Motorvehicle
English to Norwegianbrake pad bremsekloss Motorvehicle
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