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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to VietnameseButton Phím IT
English to Vietnamese3-D 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D Area Khu vực 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D bar thanh 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D effect hiệu ứng 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D Line Đường 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D Pie Bánh 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D Style Kiểu cách 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3-D Surface Bề mặt 3-D IT
English to Vietnamese3rd party bên thứ ba IT
English to VietnameseAbandon* Bỏ hoang IT
English to Vietnameseabort* bỏ dở IT
English to Vietnameseabout về IT
English to Vietnameseabsolute reference tham chiếu tuyệt đối IT
English to VietnameseAbsolute URL URL Tuyệt đối IT
English to Vietnameseaccelerator key phím tăng tốc IT
English to Vietnameseaccent dấu IT
English to Vietnameseaccent acute dấu sắc IT
English to Vietnameseaccent circumflex dấu mũ IT
English to Vietnameseaccent grave dấu huyền IT
English to Vietnameseaccept* chấp nhận IT
English to Vietnameseaccess truy nhập IT
English to Vietnameseaccess key phím truy nhập IT
English to Vietnameseaccess permission giấy phép truy nhập IT
English to Vietnameseaccess* truy nhập IT
English to Vietnameseaccessibility khả năng tiện lợi cho sử dụng IT
English to Vietnameseaccessories các tiện tích IT
English to Vietnameseaccording to theo IT
English to VietnameseAccount Tài khoản IT
English to Vietnameseaccounts các tài khoản IT
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