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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Spanishinbreeding consanguinidad Veterinaria
English to Spanishcrossbreeding cruza entre razas Veterinaria
English to Spanishbreed raza Veterinaria
English to SpanishBrown Swiss Pardo Suizo Veterinaria
English to Spanishherd hato Veterinaria
English to Spanishcattle breeding ganadería Veterinaria
English to Spanishdairy lechería Veterinaria
English to Spanishbreeding program programa reproductivo Veterinaria
English to Spanishheterosis heterosis, vigor híbrido Veterinaria
English to Spanishprogeny progenie Veterinaria
English to Spanishparent progenitor Veterinaria
English to Spanishmating apareamiento Veterinaria
English to Spanishdam madre Veterinaria
English to Spanishsire padre Veterinaria
English to Spanishfemale hembra Veterinaria
English to SpanishF1S fertilidad al primer servicio Veterinaria
English to Spanishpregnancy rate tasa de preñez Veterinaria
English to Spanishcrossbred cruza Veterinaria
English to Spanishlivability viabilidad Veterinaria
English to Spanishfeet pezuñas Veterinaria
English to Spanishleg pata Veterinaria
English to Spanishcalving ease facilidad de parto Veterinaria
English to Spanishheifer vaquilla Veterinaria
English to Spanishrotational crossing system sistema de cruza rotativo Veterinaria
English to Spanishsire stack combinación de toros Veterinaria
English to SpanishMGGS (maternal great grandsire) bisabuelo materno Veterinaria
English to SpanishMGS (maternal grandsire) abuelo materno Veterinaria
English to Spanishcull desechar Veterinaria
English to Spanishearly embrionic loss pérdida embrionaria precoz Veterinaria
English to Spanishbreeding inseminación Veterinaria
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