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EnglishW/M2 W/m². Watts per square meter. Physical unit for solar radiation intensity  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWAA Wiper blade  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWALA Safety lamp  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWAN Nigeria  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWDS World diagnostic system (Ford tester)  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWE Water injection  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWEBER Weber petrol injection  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWEO Western Europe except Germany  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWFS Immobilizer  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWHA Water-side automatic heater  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWIG Wiper pulse transmitter  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWIV Service interval extension. Under certain conditions (use of special oils, etc.), service can be performed at greater intervals. Also referred to as L Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWK Converter clutch  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWL Warning lamp  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWLR Warmup control  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWR Warmup control or Warning lamp relay  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWS Wiper or Travel sensor  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSA Wiper system  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSG Separate control unit  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSH Wiper lever  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSK Converter clutch used in semiautomatic transmission  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSKS Converter clutch switch  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSM Wiper motor  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSS Window screen system. A type of night-vision unit (DaimlerChrysler). Supports driver in night driving by making an infrared image of what is visible t Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWSZ AC ignition  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWT Heat exchanger  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWTF Water temperature sensor  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishWUEK Eigentlich WÜK, Wandlerüberbrückungskupplung, verhindert Schlupf im Drehmomentwandler  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishX division. Diagonal division of brake circuits: one circuit for left-front and right-rear, and one circuit for right-front and left-rear.  Abbreviations_Auto
EnglishXE Extreme economy. Selection option for extremely economical driving with automatic transmissions  Abbreviations_Auto
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