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Spanish to EnglishA bordo  On board.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbatimiento  Lowering; offset behavior; disassembly (mach).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbertura de entrada  Input gap (electr).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbertura de haz  Beamwidth; beam aperture.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbertura de salida  Output gap (electr).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbrasamiento  Burning; burnout.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbrazadera  Clamp; clip; hoop.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbrazadera corrediza  Binder.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbsorción de desviación  Deviation absorption.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbsorción de la tierra  Ground absorption (radiocom).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAbsorción en capas bajas  Low Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcabado  Finishing coat.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcceso  Access; approach; admittance; port (electr).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAccesorio  Accesory; fitting; attachment. /// adj: accesory.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAccionamiento por banda  Belt drive.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAccionamiento por cadena  Chain drive.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAccionamiento por fricción  Friction drive.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcción D  D action; derivative action.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcción de dos niveles  Two Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcelerador  Accelerator; energizer.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcelerómetro  Accelerometer.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcero forjado  Forged steel.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcero inoxidable  Stainless steel.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcoplador  Coupler; coupling.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcuadag  Aquadag (elecn).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcumulador  Accumulator; cumulator; storage battery (electr).  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcumulador cargado  Charged storage battery; active cell.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcumulador de arranque  Starting battery.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAcusador  Acuser; indicator, monitor. /// adj: acusing, indicating, monitoring.  Aviation
Spanish to EnglishAdaptador coaxil  Coaxial adapter; coax Aviation
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