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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to DutchDuits Nederlands  Electronics
German to DutchAB-Betrieb (der) werkingsklas AB (de)  Electronics
German to DutchA-Betrieb (der) werkingsklas A (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbfallzeit (die) uitdooftijd (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbgabeleistung (die) afgevend vermogen (het)  Electronics
German to Dutchabgebildete(r) Spannungsverlauf (der) getoonde spanningsverloop (het)  Electronics
German to Dutchabgegebene Leistung afgegeven vermogen (het)  Electronics
German to Dutchabgeschirmte Leitung (die) afgeschermde kabel (de)  Electronics
German to Dutchabgestimmte(r) Parallelschwingkreis (der) afgestemde oscillator (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAblaufschraubenwinde schroefvijzel/vijzel  Electronics
German to DutchAblaufsteuerung volgorderegeling/sequentieregeling  Electronics
German to DutchAblenkfrequenz (die) afbuigfrequentie (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAblenkfrequenz (die) afbuigfrequentie (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAblenkfrequenz (die) afbuigfrequentie (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAblenkkoeffizient (der) afbuigcoëfficiënt (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbnutzung (die) slijtgage (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbräumzyklen uitgraven/afgraven  Electronics
German to DutchAbsatz, der debiet, afzetting  Electronics
German to DutchAbschalten (das) uitschakelen (het)  Electronics
German to DutchAbschaltgeschwindigkeit (die) schakelsnelheid (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbschirmung (die) afscherming( de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbschirmung (die) afscherming (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbstantzeit monstername, sampling-, bemonsterings-  Electronics
German to DutchAbstimmung (die) afregeling (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAbtastzeit sampling/bemonsteringstijd, monsterinterval  Electronics
German to DutchAbvtastzeit sampling time/aftasttijd  Electronics
German to DutchAder (die) ader (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAkkumulator (der) accu (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAkkumulator (der) accu (de)  Electronics
German to DutchAkkumulatorselbstentladung (die) zelfontlading van de accu (de)  Electronics
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