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English to Chinesea priori probability 先验概率  IT
English to Chinesea programming language apl 语言  IT
English to Chinesea r wire 地址读出线  IT
English to Chinesea register 累加寄存器  IT
English to Chinesea type address constant a型地址常数  IT
English to Chinesea. c. power supply 交羚源  IT
English to Chinesea/d conversion 模拟 数字转换  IT
English to Chinesea/d converter 模拟 数字转换器模数转换器  IT
English to Chinesea/m switch 自动手控开关  IT
English to Chineseabacus 算盘  IT
English to Chineseabbreviated dialing 缩位拨号  IT
English to Chineseabend 任务异常结束  IT
English to Chineseabnormal end of task 任务异常结束  IT
English to Chineseabnormal function 异常功能  IT
English to Chineseabnormal termination 异常结束  IT
English to Chineseabort routine 异常终止程序  IT
English to Chineseabortion 中止  IT
English to Chineseabridged division 简略除法  IT
English to Chineseabs 绝对值  IT
English to Chineseabs function 绝对函数  IT
English to Chineseabscissa axis 横轴  IT
English to Chineseabsolute address 绝对地址  IT
English to Chineseabsolute addressing 绝对编址  IT
English to Chineseabsolute addressing mode 绝对编码方式  IT
English to Chineseabsolute assembler 绝对汇编程序  IT
English to Chineseabsolute code 绝对代码  IT
English to Chineseabsolute coding 绝对编码  IT
English to Chineseabsolute command 绝对坐标命令  IT
English to Chineseabsolute coordinates 绝对坐标  IT
English to Chineseabsolute data 绝对数据  IT
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