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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Chineseadd output 加法输出  IT
English to Chineseadd overflow 加法溢出  IT
English to Chineseadd table 加法表  IT
English to Chineseadd time 加法时间  IT
English to Chineseadd without carry gate 异门  IT
English to Chineseaddend 加数  IT
English to Chineseaddend register 加数寄存器  IT
English to Chineseadder 加法机  IT
English to Chineseadder subtracter 加减器  IT
English to Chineseadding machine 加法机  IT
English to Chineseadding operator 加法运算符  IT
English to Chineseaddition 加法  IT
English to Chineseaddition file 添加文件  IT
English to Chineseaddition item 补充项  IT
English to Chineseaddition record 附加记录  IT
English to Chineseaddition without carry 按位加  IT
English to Chineseadditional 附加的  IT
English to Chineseadditional area 补充区  IT
English to Chineseadditional bit 附加位  IT
English to Chineseadditional character 特殊符号  IT
English to Chineseadditional dialing 附加拔号  IT
English to Chineseadditional equipment 辅助设备  IT
English to Chineseadditional record 附加记录  IT
English to Chineseadditive 附加的  IT
English to Chineseadditive attribute 附加属性  IT
English to Chineseadditive operator 加法算符  IT
English to Chineseaddress 地址  IT
English to Chineseaddress alignment 地址蝶  IT
English to Chineseaddress arithmetic 地址运算  IT
English to Chineseaddress assignment 地址分配  IT
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