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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Korean암페어  Physics
English to KoreanA-bomb 원자폭탄  Physics
English to Koreanaberration 광행차  Physics
English to Koreanaberration 수차  Physics
English to Koreanabrasion 벗겨짐  Physics
English to Koreanabrasion 마멸  Physics
English to Koreanabscissa 가로축  Physics
English to Koreanabscissa 횡축  Physics
English to Koreanabsolute 절대  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbance 흡수도  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbance 흡광도  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbancy 흡수도  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbancy 흡광도  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbent 흡광제  Physics
English to Koreanabsorbent 흡수제  Physics
English to Koreanabsorber 흡광체  Physics
English to Koreanabsorber 흡수기  Physics
English to Koreanabsorber 흡수체  Physics
English to Koreanabsorptance 흡수율  Physics
English to Koreanabsorption 흡광  Physics
English to Koreanabsorption 흡수  Physics
English to Koreanabsorptivity 흡수율  Physics
English to Koreanabundance 존재(비)율  Physics
English to KoreanAC 교류  Physics
English to Koreanacceleration 가속도  Physics
English to Koreanaccelerator 가속기  Physics
English to Koreanaccelerator 가속장치  Physics
English to Koreanaccelerometer 가속도계  Physics
English to Koreanacceptor 받개  Physics
English to Koreanaccuracy 정확도  Physics
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