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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to KoreanFALSE 거짓  Medical
English to Koreanabarognosis 무게인식불능증  Medical
English to Koreanabarthrosis 움직관절  Medical
English to Koreanabarthrosis 가동관절  Medical
English to Koreanabarticular 관절과관계없는  Medical
English to Koreanabarticular 비관절  Medical
English to Koreanabarticulation 탈구  Medical
English to Koreanabarticulation 윤활관절  Medical
English to Koreanabasia 못걸음증  Medical
English to Koreanabasia 보행불능증  Medical
English to Koreanabatement 증상감소  Medical
English to Koreanabdomen 복부  Medical
English to Koreanabdomen 배  Medical
English to Koreanabdominal 배  Medical
English to Koreanabdominal 복부  Medical
English to Koreanabdominal 복식  Medical
English to Koreanabdomino- 배  Medical
English to Koreanabdominoplasty 복부성형술  Medical
English to Koreanabdominoplasty 배성형술  Medical
English to Koreanabduction 벌림  Medical
English to Koreanabduction 외전  Medical
English to Koreanaberration 이상  Medical
English to Koreanaberration 빛벗어남  Medical
English to Koreanaberration 미주  Medical
English to Koreanaberration 수차  Medical
English to Koreanaberrometer 수차계  Medical
English to Koreanabetalipoproteinemia 무베타지방단백혈증  Medical
English to Koreanabietate 아비에틴산  Medical
English to Koreanability 능력  Medical
English to Koreanabiotrophy 위축  Medical
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