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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanaccelerator 가속기  Medical
English to Koreanaccelerator 촉진인자  Medical
English to Koreanaccentuation 항진  Medical
English to Koreanaccentuation 강화  Medical
English to Koreanaccentuator 강화제  Medical
English to Koreanacceptance 용납  Medical
English to Koreanacceptor 받개  Medical
English to Koreanacceptor 수용체  Medical
English to Koreanaccess 통로  Medical
English to Koreanaccess 접근  Medical
English to Koreanaccess 액세스  Medical
English to Koreanaccessibility 접근성.접촉성  Medical
English to Koreanaccessibility 소통성  Medical
English to Koreanaccessibility 접근성  Medical
English to Koreanaccessibility 접촉성  Medical
English to Koreanaccessory 부속  Medical
English to Koreanaccessory 부  Medical
English to Koreanaccessory 덧  Medical
English to Koreanaccident 우발  Medical
English to Koreanaccident 재해  Medical
English to Koreanaccident 우연  Medical
English to Koreanaccident 사고  Medical
English to Koreanaccipiter 얼굴붕대  Medical
English to Koreanacclimatation 기후순응  Medical
English to Koreanacclimatation 순화  Medical
English to Koreanaccommodation 조절  Medical
English to Koreanaccommodation 숙소  Medical
English to Koreanaccommodation 적응  Medical
English to Koreanaccommodometer 조절측정계  Medical
English to Koreanaccreditation 신임  Medical
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