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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanaccreditation 인정  Medical
English to Koreanaccumulation 체류용액  Medical
English to Koreanaccumulation 축적  Medical
English to Koreanaccumulation 고인용액  Medical
English to Koreanaccuracy 정확도  Medical
English to Koreanacedia 우울병  Medical
English to Koreanacephalia 머리없음증  Medical
English to Koreanacephalus 무두체  Medical
English to Koreanacephalus 어미없는태아  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulectomy 절구절제술  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulectomy 비구절제술  Medical
English to Koreanacetabuloplasty 비구성형술  Medical
English to Koreanacetabuloplasty 절구성형술  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulum 비구  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulum 복흡반  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulum 절구  Medical
English to Koreanacetabulum 배빨판  Medical
English to Koreanacetaldehyde 아세트알데히드  Medical
English to Koreanacetaminophen 아세트아미노펜  Medical
English to Koreanacetanilid 아세트아닐리드  Medical
English to Koreanacetate 아세트산염  Medical
English to Koreanacetification 초산화  Medical
English to Koreanacetification 아세트화  Medical
English to Koreanacetoglycosuria 아세토글리코오스뇨증  Medical
English to Koreanacetoglycosuria 아세톤당뇨  Medical
English to Koreanacetolysis 아세트산분해  Medical
English to Koreanacetomorphine 아세토모르핀  Medical
English to Koreanacetonasthma 아세톤천식  Medical
English to Koreanacetonation 아세톤첨가  Medical
English to Koreanacetonation 아세톤화합  Medical
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