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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanacetone 아세톤  Medical
English to Koreanacetonemia 아세톤혈증  Medical
English to Koreanacetonuria 아세톤뇨증  Medical
English to Koreanacetyl 아세틸  Medical
English to Koreanacetyl 아세틸살리실산  Medical
English to Koreanacetylation 아세틸화  Medical
English to Koreanacetylation 아세틸반응  Medical
English to Koreanacetylcellulose 초산섬유소  Medical
English to Koreanacetylcellulose 아세틸셀룰로오스  Medical
English to Koreanacetylcholinesterase 아세틸골린에스테라아제  Medical
English to Koreanacetylcoenzyme 아세틸조효소  Medical
English to Koreanachalasia 이완못함증  Medical
English to Koreanachalasia 이완불능증  Medical
English to Koreanache 아픔  Medical
English to Koreanache 통증  Medical
English to Koreanacheilia 입술없음증  Medical
English to Koreanacheiria 손없음증  Medical
English to Koreanachillobursitis 아킬레스힘줄윤활낭염  Medical
English to Koreanachillodynia 아킬레스힘줄통증  Medical
English to Koreanachillorrhaphy 아킬레스힘줄봉합술  Medical
English to Koreanachillorrhaphy 아킬레스건봉합술  Medical
English to Koreanachillotenotomy 아킬레스힘줄전단(술)  Medical
English to Koreanachlorhydria 위산없음증  Medical
English to Koreanachlorhydria 무위산증  Medical
English to Koreanachloride 비염산염  Medical
English to Koreanachloroblepsia 녹색맹  Medical
English to Koreanachloropsia 녹색맹  Medical
English to Koreanachluophobia 암흑공포증  Medical
English to Koreanacholia 무담즙증  Medical
English to Koreanacholia 담즙없음증  Medical
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