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English to Koreanacholuria 무담즙뇨(증)  Medical
English to Koreanachondrogenesis 연골무발생  Medical
English to Koreanachondroplasia 연골무형성  Medical
English to Koreanachondroplasia 연골무형성증  Medical
English to Koreanachromasia 무색소성  Medical
English to Koreanachromate 완정색맹자  Medical
English to Koreanachromatism 무색성  Medical
English to Koreanachromatism 완전색맹  Medical
English to Koreanachromatocyte 무색적혈구  Medical
English to Koreanachromatopsia 완전색맹  Medical
English to Koreanachromatosis 무색소증  Medical
English to Koreanachromia 무색소증  Medical
English to Koreanachromocyte 무색적혈구  Medical
English to Koreanachylia 위펩신없음증  Medical
English to Koreanachylia 무산증  Medical
English to Koreanacid 산  Medical
English to Koreanacidemia 산혈증  Medical
English to Koreanacidic 산성  Medical
English to Koreanacidification 산성화  Medical
English to Koreanacidimetry 산도측정법  Medical
English to Koreanacidimetry 산정량법  Medical
English to Koreanacidism 산중독  Medical
English to Koreanacidity 산도  Medical
English to Koreanacidology 붕대학  Medical
English to Koreanacidophil 호산성  Medical
English to Koreanacidophilia 호산구증가증  Medical
English to Koreanacidosis 산증  Medical
English to Koreanacidosteophyte 침상췌골  Medical
English to Koreanacidosteophyte 뽀족뼈돌기  Medical
English to Koreanaciduria 산뇨증  Medical
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