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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanabiotrophy 무활력  Medical
English to Koreanablation 절제  Medical
English to Koreanablepharia 눈꺼풀없음증  Medical
English to Koreanablutomania 세척광  Medical
English to Koreanabnormality 이상  Medical
English to Koreanabnormality 비정상  Medical
English to Koreanaboral 입과반대쪽  Medical
English to Koreanaboral 입에서먼  Medical
English to Koreanaborticide 낙태약  Medical
English to Koreanabortient 낙태제  Medical
English to Koreanabortifacient 낙태제  Medical
English to Koreanabortion 유산  Medical
English to Koreanabortion 낙태  Medical
English to Koreanabortionist 낙태시술자  Medical
English to Koreanabortus 낙태아  Medical
English to Koreanabrachia 팔없음증  Medical
English to Koreanabradant 연마제  Medical
English to Koreanabrasion 개갠상처  Medical
English to Koreanabrasion 찰과상  Medical
English to Koreanabrasion 마멸  Medical
English to Koreanabrasive 연마제  Medical
English to Koreanabrasor 연마기  Medical
English to Koreanabreaction 속뚫림  Medical
English to Koreanabscess 고름집  Medical
English to Koreanabscess 농양  Medical
English to Koreanabscissa 가로좌표  Medical
English to Koreanabscission 절단  Medical
English to Koreanabscission 절제  Medical
English to Koreanabsence 없음(증)  Medical
English to Koreanabsence 결여(증)  Medical
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