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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Korean to English가락붙음증 zygodactyly  Medical
Korean to English광대뼈 zygoma  Medical
Korean to English광대활 zygoma  Medical
Korean to English광대뼈 zygomatic  Medical
Korean to English광대활 zygomatic  Medical
Korean to English접합곰팡증 zygomycosis  Medical
Korean to English접합균증 zygomycosis  Medical
Korean to English접합자형성 zygosis  Medical
Korean to English접합성 zygosity  Medical
Korean to English접합체 zygote  Medical
Korean to English접합 zygotene  Medical
Korean to English효소원 zymogen  Medical
Korean to English효소형성 zymogenesis  Medical
Korean to English효소발생 zymogenesis  Medical
Korean to English분해 zymolysis  Medical
Korean to English발효 zymolysis  Medical
Korean to English효소 zymolysis  Medical
Korean to English효소단백질 zymoprotein  Medical
Korean to English지모산 zymosan  Medical
Korean to English발효 zymosis  Medical
Korean to English효소기법 zymotechnique  Medical
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