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English to Koreanabsence 없은(증)  Medical
English to KoreanAbsidia 압시디아  Medical
English to Koreanabsinthism 압신틴중독증  Medical
English to Koreanabsorbance 흡광도  Medical
English to Koreanabsorbate 흡수물  Medical
English to Koreanabsorbent 흡수제  Medical
English to Koreanabsorber 흡수제  Medical
English to Koreanabsorptiometry 흡수계측(법)  Medical
English to Koreanabsorptiometry 흡수계측  Medical
English to Koreanabsorption 흡착  Medical
English to Koreanabsorption 흡수  Medical
English to Koreanabsorptivity 흡광계수  Medical
English to Koreanabsorptivity 흡착지수  Medical
English to Koreanabstainer 금연가  Medical
English to Koreanabstainer 금주가  Medical
English to Koreanabstinence 중단  Medical
English to Koreanabstinence 금단  Medical
English to Koreanabstraction 추상  Medical
English to Koreanabstraction 추출  Medical
English to Koreanabtorsion 두눈외회선  Medical
English to Koreanabtorsion 두눈바깥회선  Medical
English to Koreanabulia 의지상실증  Medical
English to Koreanabulia 의지없음증  Medical
English to Koreanabundance 과다  Medical
English to Koreanabuse 남용  Medical
English to Koreanabuse 학대  Medical
English to Koreanabutment 지대치  Medical
English to Koreanabutment 가공의치  Medical
English to Koreanacalcicosis 칼슘결핍증  Medical
English to Koreanacalculia 계산못함증  Medical
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