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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanacalculia 계산언어상실증  Medical
English to Koreanacampsia 관절강직  Medical
English to KoreanAcanthamoeba 가시아메바  Medical
English to Koreanacanthesthesia 찔린느낌감각이상  Medical
English to Koreanacanthocephaliasis 구두충증  Medical
English to Koreanacanthocyte 가시적혈구  Medical
English to Koreanacanthocytosis 가시적혈구증가증  Medical
English to Koreanacantholysis 가시세포분리  Medical
English to Koreanacanthoma 가시세포종  Medical
English to Koreanacanthopelvis 극상골반  Medical
English to Koreanacanthopelvis 가시골반  Medical
English to Koreanacanthopelyx 극상골반  Medical
English to Koreanacanthopelyx 가시골반  Medical
English to Koreanacanthopodia 가시헛다리.가시위족  Medical
English to Koreanacanthosis 가시세포증  Medical
English to Koreanacapnia 이산화탄소결핍증  Medical
English to Koreanacardia 무심장증  Medical
English to Koreanacardia 심장없음증  Medical
English to Koreanacardius 무심장쌍태아  Medical
English to Koreanacardius 무심장체  Medical
English to Koreanacariasis 진드기증  Medical
English to Koreanacaricide 진드기구충제  Medical
English to Koreanacaricide 진드기살충제  Medical
English to Koreanacarodermatitis 진드기피부염  Medical
English to Koreanacarology 진드기학  Medical
English to Koreanacarophobia 진드기공포병  Medical
English to Koreanacatalasia 카탈라아제결핍증  Medical
English to Koreanacceleration 촉진  Medical
English to Koreanacceleration 가속  Medical
English to Koreanaccelerator 촉진제  Medical
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