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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to Koreanability 능력  Psychology
English to Koreanabnormality 이상성  Psychology
English to Koreanabstraction 추상화  Psychology
English to Koreanabstraction 추상  Psychology
English to Koreanacceptance 수용  Psychology
English to Koreanaccess 접근  Psychology
English to Koreanaccessibility 접근가능성  Psychology
English to Koreanaccommodation 조절  Psychology
English to Koreanaccomplishment 성취  Psychology
English to Koreanaccomplishment 달성  Psychology
English to Koreanachievement 성취  Psychology
English to Koreanacquisition 습득  Psychology
English to Koreanacquisition 획득  Psychology
English to Koreanacrophobia 고소공포증  Psychology
English to Koreanact 행위  Psychology
English to Koreanaction 활동  Psychology
English to Koreanaction 행위  Psychology
English to Koreanactivation 활성화  Psychology
English to Koreanactivity 활동  Psychology
English to Koreanadaptation 순응  Psychology
English to Koreanadaptation 적응  Psychology
English to Koreanaddiction 중독  Psychology
English to Koreanadjustability 적응성  Psychology
English to Koreanadjustment 적응  Psychology
English to Koreanadolescence 청소년기  Psychology
English to Koreanadolescence 청년기  Psychology
English to Koreanadrenal-cortical-system 부신피질체계  Psychology
English to Koreanadrenaline 아드레날린  Psychology
English to Koreanadulthood 성인기  Psychology
English to Koreanaffect 감정  Psychology
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