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English to Koreana coupon bond 이자표부채권  Accounting
English to Koreana market 판로  Accounting
English to Koreana market for goods 판로  Accounting
English to Koreana single economic entity 경제적 단일실체  Accounting
English to KoreanA Statement of Basic Accounting Theory 기초적 회계이론보고서  Accounting
English to KoreanA Statement Of Basic Auditing Concepts 감사의 기초적 개념에 관한 보고서  Accounting
English to KoreanA Statement of Basic Auditing Concepts 기초적 감사개념보고서  Accounting
English to Koreana tax-free stock savings plan for workers 근로자주식저축제도  Accounting
English to Koreanability theory of taxation 능력과세설  Accounting
English to Koreanability to pay taxation principle 응능부담의 원칙  Accounting
English to Koreanability-to-pay 지불능력  Accounting
English to Koreanabnormal returns 비정상수익률  Accounting
English to Koreanabnormal shortages 비정상부족  Accounting
English to Koreanabnormal spoilage 비정상공손  Accounting
English to Koreanabnormal stock returns 비정상수익률  Accounting
English to Koreanabove par 할증  Accounting
English to Koreanabsentee management 부재자 경영  Accounting
English to Koreanabsentee ownership 부재지주  Accounting
English to Koreanabsolute cost 절대원가  Accounting
English to Koreanabsolute fixed capital 절대적 고정자본  Accounting
English to Koreanabsolute fixed cost 절대적 고정원가  Accounting
English to Koreanabsolute profit 절대이익  Accounting
English to Koreanabsolute sales 무조건매매  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorbed burden 배부된 간접비  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorbed cost 배부원가  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorption account 배부계정  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorption basis income statement 흡수원가 손익계산서  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorption cost 전부원가  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorption costing 전부원가계산  Accounting
English to Koreanabsorption costing 흡수원가계산  Accounting
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