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English to Spanish"me-too products" Productos de imitación AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘bogey’ tactic táctica «bogey» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘higher authority’ tactic táctica «autoridad superior» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘limited authority’ tactic  táctica «autoridad limitada» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘now or never’ tactic  táctica «ahora o nunca» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘quivering quill’ tactic  táctica «pluma temblorosa» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘rule of thumb’ regla general AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘rule of thumb’ procedimiento empírico  AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘salami’ tactic  táctica «del salchichón» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish\"‘sell cheap, get famous’ tactic \" táctica «vender barato y hacerse famoso» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘split the difference’ tactic táctica «dividir la diferencia» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘take it or leave it’ terms  términos de «tómelo o déjelo» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish‘take it or leave it’ terms  términos de «tómalo o déjalo» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish\"‘yes, but’ tactic \" \"táctica «sí, pero»\" AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish’Beta’ coefficient  coeficiente «Beta» AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish’Fisher Effect’  efecto Fisher AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish4 Cs 4 Ces AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanish4 Ps 4 Pes AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanisha multiple period resource reallocation  reasignación de recursos a lo largo de múltiples períodos AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanisha priori approach enfoque a priori AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanisha priori assessment evaluación a priori AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to SpanishABC approach enfoque ABC AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to SpanishABC cost system Sistema de costos ABC AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to SpanishABC overhead cost Costos indirectos conforme al enfoque ABC AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishability capacidad AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishabsenteeism absentismo AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishabsentims ausentismo AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishabsolute absoluto AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishabsolute standards normas absolutas AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
English to Spanishabsolute value valor absoluto AGlobaltouch-Ecs/Management
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