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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Italian to EnglishBoxing system Boxing  automation
Italian to EnglishITALIAN ENGLISH  automation
Italian to Englisha doppio effetto double-acting  automation
Italian to Englisha norme according to…standards  automation
Italian to Englishintercettazione   automation
Italian to Englishstampata   automation
Italian to Englisha richiesta upon request  automation
Italian to Englisha semplice effetto single-acting  automation
Italian to Englishabilitazione   automation
Italian to Englishabrasione abrasion-proof  automation
Italian to Englishaccelerazione acceleration  automation
Italian to Englishaccensione Ignition system  automation
Italian to Englishaccensione (della macchina) switch-on  automation
Italian to Englishtensione, mettere in energize  automation
Italian to Englishsequenza di avviamento start-up steps  automation
Italian to Englishstesura manuale manually spreading  automation
Italian to Englishaccensione delle lampade by-pass  automation
Italian to Englishaccessori accessories / fittings  automation
Italian to Englishacciaio steel  automation
Italian to Englishacciaio cromato chrome-plated steel  automation
Italian to Englishacciaio inox stainless steel  automation
Italian to Englishacciaio zincato zinc plated steel  automation
Italian to Englishaccoppiamento  connection, coupling  automation
Italian to Englishaccoppiamento a flangia (fluid.) flange mounting  automation
Italian to Englishaccoppiamento meccanico mating  automation
Italian to Englishaccumulatore (fluid.) battery / accumulator  automation
Italian to Englishaccumulatore a gravità(fluid.) weight-loaded accumulator  automation
Italian to Englishaccumulatore a membrana( fluid.) membrane accumulator  automation
Italian to Englishaccumulatore a molla(fluid.) spring-loaded accumulator  automation
Italian to Englishaccumulatore a pistone(fluid.) piston accumulator  automation
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