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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to PortugueseGreen sturgeon Esturjão-verde Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishEsturjão-adriático Adriatic sturgeon  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishEsturjão-verde Green sturgeon  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishEsturjão-ventre-nú Fringebarbel sturgeon  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCamarão-café-do-norte Northern brown shrimp  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishSalvelino-árctico Arctic char  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCamarão-boreal Aesop shrimp  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishLuciano-traquete African forktail snapper  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishMoreia-da-Madeira Sharktooth moray  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishBúzio-gigante Oil-vessel triton  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishMoreão-castanho Brown moray  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishAnjo Angelshark  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishPeixe-rei-do-alto Mediterranean sand smelt  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCanário-do-mar Swallowtail seaperch  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishBerbigão-de-bicos Spiny cockle  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishAchigã-da-rocha Rock bass  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCamarão-akiami Akiami paste shrimp  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishXareu-enxada Alexandria pompano  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishAtum-voador Albacore  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCelindra Baird\'s slickhead  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishAlosa-cinzenta Alewife  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishImperadores Alfonsinos nei  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishEscamudo-do-Alasca Alaska pollock (=Walleye poll.)  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishSolha-do-Alasca Alaska plaice  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishTubarão-de-pontas-prateadas Silvertip shark  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishTubarão-raposo Thresher  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishLírio-ferro Long snouted lancetfish  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishCharuteiro-catarino Greater amberjack  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishMoreia-anelada Broadbanded moray  Botanic
Portuguese to EnglishMoreia-verde Green moray  Botanic
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