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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
English to SpanishA law ley A  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabandon [CL] (v) abandonar; (s) abandono  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabate [CL] abatir  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabatement  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabbreviated dialing marcación abreviada  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabend  Telecommunications
English to Spanishabort  Telecommunications
English to SpanishAC dump [CL] corte de energía  Telecommunications
English to SpanishAC input [ES] entrada de CA  Telecommunications
English to SpanishAC line [ES] línea de corriente alterna  Telecommunications
English to SpanishAC outlet salida de CA  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaccess  (v) [ES] acceder - [MX] accesar  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaccess load [ES] densidad de ocupación  Telecommunications
English to Spanishack ver acknowledgement  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacknowledge ver acknowledgement  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacknowledgement (v) confirmar, acusar de recibo, reconocer  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacoustic alarm [CL] alarma auditiva  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacoustic coupler  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacoustic hood [CL] cabina acústica  Telecommunications
English to Spanishacronym [ES] [MX] acrónimo  Telecommunications
English to Spanishactuator accionador  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaddress dirección  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaddress bus [CL] bus de direcciones  Telecommunications
English to Spanishadmittance entrada  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaero duster aéro removedor de polvo  Telecommunications
English to Spanishageing failure ver ageing fault  Telecommunications
English to Spanishageing fault  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaggregate program [ES] programa agregado  Telecommunications
English to Spanishaging failure [CL] avería por envejecimiento  Telecommunications
English to Spanishair circulation vents [CL] tomas de aire  Telecommunications
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