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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Bosnian to Englishabide pridržavati se  General
Bosnian to Englishabide stanovati  General
Bosnian to Englishabide trpjeti  General
Bosnian to Englishabide živjeti  General
Bosnian to Englishabiding trajan  General
Bosnian to Englishabilities mogućnosti  General
Bosnian to Englishabilities mogućnostima  General
Bosnian to Englishabilities sposobnost  General
Bosnian to Englishabilities talent  General
Bosnian to Englishability darovitost  General
Bosnian to Englishability moć  General
Bosnian to Englishability mogućnost  General
Bosnian to Englishability platežna sposobnost  General
Bosnian to Englishability sposobnost  General
Bosnian to Englishability sposobnosti  General
Bosnian to Englishability spretnost  General
Bosnian to Englishability svojstvo  General
Bosnian to Englishability vještina  General
Bosnian to Englishabiotic conditions abiotički uvjeti  General
Bosnian to Englishabject bijedan  General
Bosnian to Englishabject kukavan  General
Bosnian to Englishabject nizak  General
Bosnian to Englishabject očajan  General
Bosnian to Englishabject ponizan  General
Bosnian to Englishabject ponižen  General
Bosnian to Englishabject prezren  General
Bosnian to Englishabjure odreći se  General
Bosnian to Englishabjure odustati  General
Bosnian to Englishablation odnošenje  General
Bosnian to Englishablation odsijecanje  General
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