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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Bosnian to Englishaboard na palubu  General
Bosnian to Englishaboard uzduž  General
Bosnian to Englishaboard factory ships na brodovima tvornicama  General
Bosnian to Englishaboardal ukrcan  General
Bosnian to Englishabode prebivalište  General
Bosnian to Englishabode stan  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish poništiti  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish ukidati  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish ukinuti  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish uništiti  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish at entry into force ukinuti danom stupanja na snagu  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish between themselves međusobno ukinuti  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish charges ukinuti pristojbe  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish customs duties ukinuti carine  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish measure ukinuti mjeru  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish measures ukinuti mjere  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish practice ukinuti praksu  General
Bosnian to Englishabolish restrictions ukinuti ograničenja  General
Bosnian to Englishabolished ukidanja  General
Bosnian to Englishabolished ukinuća  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition abolicija  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition obustava  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition poništenje  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition ukidanje  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition of customs duties ukidanje carinske pristojbe  General
Bosnian to Englishabolition of tariff quotas ukidanje carinskih kvota  General
Bosnian to Englishabominable gadan  General
Bosnian to Englishabominable gnusan  General
Bosnian to Englishabominable odbijajući  General
Bosnian to Englishabominable odvratan  General
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