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Bosnian to Englishabandon ostavili  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon ostaviti  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon ostaviti na cjedilu  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon predati  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon prepustiti  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon oneself prepustiti se  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned napušten  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned napuštene  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned nezbrinutu  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned ostavljen  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned ozloglašen  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned raskalašen  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned raspušten  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned child napušteno dijete  General
Bosnian to Englishabandoned land napušteno zemljište  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment napuštanje  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment napuštenost  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment neusiljenost  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment odricanje  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment odustajanje od  General
Bosnian to Englishabandonment prepuštanje  General
Bosnian to Englishabase poniziti  General
Bosnian to Englishabase sniziti  General
Bosnian to Englishabasement poniženje  General
Bosnian to Englishabasement sniženje  General
Bosnian to Englishabash posramiti  General
Bosnian to Englishabash smesti  General
Bosnian to Englishabash zbuniti  General
Bosnian to Englishabashed at posramljen zbog  General
Bosnian to Englishabashed at zbunjen zbog  General
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