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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
Bosnian to Englishafterpulse preostali impuls  General
Bosnian to Englishafterpulse sekundarni impuls  General
Bosnian to Englishafterpunching naknadno bušenje  General
Bosnian to Englishafter-sales service usluga održavanja  General
Bosnian to Englishafterthought zakašnjela misao  General
Bosnian to Englishaftertreatment naknadna obrada  General
Bosnian to Englishafterward kasnije  General
Bosnian to Englishafterward poslije  General
Bosnian to Englishafterwards kasnije  General
Bosnian to Englishafterwards naknadno  General
Bosnian to Englishafterwards nakon toga  General
Bosnian to Englishafterwards poslije  General
Bosnian to Englishafterwards u buduće  General
Bosnian to Englishagain još jedanput  General
Bosnian to Englishagain još jednom  General
Bosnian to Englishagain nadalje  General
Bosnian to Englishagain opet  General
Bosnian to Englishagain osim toga  General
Bosnian to Englishagain ponovno  General
Bosnian to Englishagain ponovo  General
Bosnian to Englishagain s druge strane  General
Bosnian to Englishagain uz to  General
Bosnian to Englishagainst na  General
English to Bosnianenvironmental triggers faktori okoline/sredine General
English to Croatianreturn pipe povratna cijev/vod General
English to Bosniandog faced furies furije sa psećim licima (psecih lica) General
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