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English to Chineseallosteric activator 别构激活剂,别构活化剂 None
English to Chinesealpha-guaiaconic acid α-愈创木酚酸 None
English to Chineseconvergent synthesis 汇集合成 None
English to ChineseTAEC 东芝美国电子元器件公司 None
English to ChineseOriginal Equipment Manufacture (OEM) 原始设备生产商 None
English to Chinese2bit Prefetch 2λԤȡ None
English to Chinese4bit Prefetch 4λԤȡ None
English to ChineseJoint Electron Device Engineering Council 电子元件工业联合会 None
English to ChineseOff-Chip Driver 离线驱动调整 None
English to ChineseAdditive Latency 附加延迟 None
English to ChineseBurst Length 突发数据长度 None
English to ChineseVertex processing 顶点处理 None
English to ChineseTexture application 纹理应用 None
English to ChineseRasterization 光栅线 None
English to ChineseMemory Video Technology 动态内存视频分配技术 None
English to ChineseDe-interlacing 视频交错防止技术 None
English to Chinesepyrotartaric acid 甲基琥珀酸,焦性酒石酸 None
English to Chinesepyroterebic acid 4-甲基-3-戊烯酸 None
English to Chinesepyrotherapy 发热疗法 None
English to Chinesepyroxylin lacquer 火棉漆,焦木素漆 None
English to Chinesepyroxylophilous 焚木上生的 None
English to ChinesePyrrobutamine 吡咯丁胺[抗组胺药] None
English to Chinesepyrrodoxycline 氢吡多西环素 None
English to Chinesepyrrolyl 吡咯基 None
English to Chinesepyrrolylcarbonyl group 吡咯羰基,吡咯[基]甲酰 None
English to Chinesepyruvate aminotransferase 丙酮酸氨基转移酶 None
English to Chinesepyruvate carboxylase 丙酮酸羧化酶 None
English to Chinesepyruvate carboxylase deficiency 丙酮酸羧化酶缺乏症 None
English to ChinesePyruvate carboxylase measurement 丙酮酸羟化酶测量 None
English to Chinesepyruvate dehydrogenase complex 丙酮酸脱氢酶复合物 None
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