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English to GermanLateral force microscopy Lateralkraftmikroskpie Science
English to Germanelectric force microscopy Rasterkraftmikroskopie Science
English to GermanNorthwestern salamander Großer Querzahnmolch Science
English to GermanPortugese oyster Portugiesische Auster Science
English to GermanBlue Blauschimmel Science
English to Germanbird of paradise trees Natal-Strelitzie, Natal-Paradiesvogelblume, Baumstrelitzie Science
English to Germanionization-setting Ionenpolymerisation/ ionisches Abbinden Science
German to EnglishMennige red lead, lead(II, IV)-oxide Science
German to EnglishBraunstein manganese dioxide Science
German to EnglishKremser Weiß Kremser White, White lead, basic lead carbonate Science
English to Germanthiolactic acid Thiomilchsäure Science
English to GermanOpossum shrimp Schwebegarnele Science
German to EnglishRobinie Yellow Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia Science
English to GermanOrb snail Tellerschnecke Science
English to GermanSouthern house mosquito Südliche Hausmücke Science
English to GermanToothed wrack Sägetang Science
German to EnglishMohrenkopfäffchen Common squirrel monkey, Saimiri sciureus Science
English to GermanEchinoderm Stachelhäuter (Echinodermata) Science
English to GermanSlipper limpet Pantoffelschnecke Science
English to GermanWater-milfoil Tausendblatt Science
English to GermanPrasinophyte (s) Prasinophyten Science
English to GermanNorway lobster Kaiserhummer Science
English to GermanPurple Sea Urchin Purpur-Seeigel Science
English to GermanNurse shark Atlantische Ammenhai Science
English to Germannano-delivery network Nanopartikel-Transportsystem Science
English to Germanone standard deviation above or below average eine Standardabweichung über oder unter dem Mittelwert Science
English to GermanProtozoa Protozoen Science
English to GermanRed abalone Rotes Seeohr, Rote Abalone Science
English to GermanPorgy Meerbrassen Science
English to GermanPondweed Laichkrautgewächs Science
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