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Bosnian to English100 kilometres as the crow flies 100 km zračne linije  General
Bosnian to English5 per cent rate of customs charge carinska stopa od 5 %  General
Bosnian to Englishjedan  General
Bosnian to Englisha day dnevno  General
Bosnian to Englisha happy birthday! sretan rođendan!  General
Bosnian to Englisha happy new year! sretna nova godina!  General
Bosnian to Englisha hundred sto  General
Bosnian to Englisha kind of svojevrsno  General
Bosnian to Englisha lot puno  General
Bosnian to Englisha lot uvelike  General
Bosnian to Englisha merry christmas! sretan božić!  General
Bosnian to Englisha milliard milijarda  General
Bosnian to Englisha million milijun  General
Bosnian to Englisha pleasant journey! sretan put!  General
Bosnian to Englisha rule states pravilo kaže  General
Bosnian to Englisha thousand tisuća  General
Bosnian to Englisha tolerance of up to minus 5 mm odstupanje od minus 5 mm  General
Bosnian to EnglishAAMS countries zemlje AAMS-a  General
Bosnian to EnglishAarhus Aarhus  General
Bosnian to Englishab initio calculations ab initio računi  General
Bosnian to Englishabaca abaka  General
Bosnian to Englishaback natrag  General
Bosnian to Englishabacus računaljka  General
Bosnian to Englishabacus računalo  General
Bosnian to Englishabaft iza  General
Bosnian to Englishabaft na krmi  General
Bosnian to Englishabaft prema krmi  General
Bosnian to Englishaband nenormalan kraj  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon napustiti  General
Bosnian to Englishabandon odreći se  General
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