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The fastest growing web-based TMS system for Translation companies
XTRF ™ is an innovative platform, supporting the work of the translation department, covering almost all areas of its activities.

Since 2004 XTRF™ has helped hundreds of worldwide companies streamline & improve their work through project & workflow management, business reporting, on-line partner portal, database management, invoicing, support of sales activities and more

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Wordbee Translator
Wordbee's bird’s eye view - Watch from your dashboard while the workflow automation takes place

AUTOMATION, WORDBEE STYLE Wordbee is the leading choice for LSPs who need to make their company run more efficiently. It offers a fully-featured CAT editor, project management, workflow automation, business analytics, API connectivity and invoicing.

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Across Language Server for Language Service Providers
Across is a platform for centralized, automated management of translation processes with all language resources and parties involved.

The Across LSP Edition helps you to streamline processes and operate in a time and cost-saving manner. If you do not yet use Across but have a customer who would like to collaborate via Across, the Across Subcontractor Edition is the ideal solution.

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MasterWord Language Proficiency and Interpreter Assessments
Vet your candidates with MasterWord’s quality language proficiency and interpreter skills assessments.

MasterWord language proficiency and interpreter skills assessments are a great way to raise the quality of the services you provide. Find out more about how to validate your team’s linguistic skills today.

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Fluency Translation Suite
Come see the Fluency Difference and SAVE

Fluency provides the right options to fully support the translation processes of your translators, editors and project managers. You should see at least a 50% cut in management time. Additionally, this user-friendly software enables you to easily schedule

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The #1 Provider of Platform-Independent Translation Memory Technology
Powerful desktop, server, and web-based solutions designed to address the needs of LSPs & corporations

Wordfast has over 30,000 active customer deployments in the marketplace, including leading organizations such as the United Nations, NASA, McGraw-Hill, Nomura Securities, a wide array of educational institutions, and thousands of independent translators.

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Recharge your translation business with Kilgray's solutions!
Kilgray Translation Technologies is the world’s fastest growing provider of computer-assisted translation tools.

All of Kilgray's products optimize productivity and control of the entire translation process and environment. The networked translation suites are team-oriented and scalable for use by small language service providers as well as large enterprises.

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SDL provides market-leading translation software to over 185,000 users
SDL offers leading translation management solutions to meet LSPs needs throughout the whole translation supply chain.

With over 185,000 licenses being used by translators and organizations worldwide, our products will help you to connect to a supply chain that guarantees compatibility, making it easier to work with your customers and other users.

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Save time and labour costs with QuaHill!
QuaHill is a highly customizable project management tool for translation agencies, fully compliant with ISO's

The PM tool covers all the needs of both young and well-established agencies all over the world. It uses an intuitive approach to manage the whole process of enquiries, quotes, translations, proofreading, invoicing, payment and payment reminders.

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TransitNXT Context-sensitive translation and localization
Perfect combination of functionality and efficiency, including terminology management and software localization component.

Transit NXT supports more than 170 languages and all common file formats. High quality, performance and multidirectional re-use of translation results. Take advantage of more than 27 years of experience in language-processing technologies!

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Free webinar - WordFinder – The Words You Want. Anywhere, Anytime!

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Getting Started Part 2: Working with the Supply Chain and Pre-production

Free webinar - ABBYY - How to increase productivity and revenue absolutely free using SmartCAT
Free webinar - TM Town - Getting the Most out of Your Translation Memories

Free webinar - Atril - Machine Translation and Déjà Vu

Making More Money: Present Yourself Professionally to Attract Clients
SDL Trados Studio 2014 Advanced

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Getting Started Part 1: Translating

Free webinar - memoQ translator pro: Productivity Boosters in memoQ 2014 R2

Free Webinar - Wordfast: Managing Complicated File Formats with Wordfast
Short-listing, Training and Retaining Translators/Reviewers while doing business at the same time

Literature and strategies for translating poetry

Practical Spanish to English translation quality assurance 1 – Terminology
SDL Trados Studio 2014 Intermediate
Translating for food industry: General overview.

Fiscalidad para autónomos: ¿Cómo empezar?

Meeting clients at ProZ.com
Turn Machine Translation from Foe to Ally

Practical Spanish to English translation quality assurance 2 - Style
Creare un sito professionale partendo da zero

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Getting Started Part 1: Translating
Facturas emitidas y de gastos. IVA e IRPF.

Traduzione e adattamento video: i dialoghi in simil sync
SDL Trados Studio 2014 Erste Schritte Teil 1: Übersetzen (Kurssprache: Deutsch)

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Intermediate

Wprowadzenie do tłumaczeń technicznych
Strumenti per traduttori: come equipaggiarsi al meglio

Understanding different medical contents and formats for translation
Konsekutives Dolmetschen: professionell und methodisch gegliedert - Teil 2

Workshop on SDL Trados Studio 2014: tips and tricks for beginners in French

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Getting Started Part 2: Working with the Supply Chain and Pre-production
Operaciones intracomunitarias y resúmenes anuales.

Making More Money: Negotiation & Communication Skills

Meeting clients at ProZ.com
Three Steps to Writing a Successful CV

Tips for Technical translations
Перевод официальных документов для англоязычных стран

Video Remote (Dialogue) Interpreting, VRI Level 1 (i14A-W90)
The difference between proofreading and editing
Declaración de la renta e inspecciones de Hacienda

Video Remote (Dialogue) Interpreting, VRI Level 2 (i14B-W90)

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